War Tragedy Book -The Girl With No Name – An Enjoyable Read

The Girl With No Name – by Diney Costeloe

I simply enjoyed reading this war tragedy book. Strong characters, wonderful story line, fast pace, simple writing; that’s how I will summarize this book. If you like to read war stories full of human emotions and lot of twists and turns, then you will surely love this book.

TheGirlWithNoNameBook is set against the backdrop of world-war II. Its s story of a 13 year old German refugee, a Girl named Lisa, who has been sent to London on a kinder train leaving her family behind. Her mother sends her to England to protect her from her own countrymen because she is a Jew. When she reaches England she is alone, truly alone without her family or friends and language is the main barrier. Fortunately her foster parents in London are nice and kind hearted; they do all that they can despite their initial language problems. Slowly the bonds of affection start forming between her and foster parents Naomi and Dan.

When the entire England is burning from German raids and bombings she manages to make friends and one such friend is Harry. He also happens to be a German refugee and was on the same train which brought Lisa to London.

Only when the life becomes slightly less difficult for Lisa, she again becomes the victim of war. She once again loses her friends, foster parents and her home. This war has taken everything from her including her identity. From Lisa she becomes Girl with no name.

Story is really full of twists and turns. Each time when things seem to be alright for the girl she is pushed back by the fate. Everyone she loved disappeared and she was determined she would give no more hostages to fate. Will she ever find her family, foster parents, friends or she will continue to endure cruelty of her fate.

I simply loved the pace of the book without leaving any loose ends. Diney Costeloe manages to stir the emotions of its readers without getting into too much of detailing. Her style of writing is simple and crisp which is the USP of the book.

In all a good read for your next week end.

My Rating –  4 Stars on a scale of 5.

Happy Reading!!

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