What She Left Behind – Book That Will Make You Cry

For those who do not get depressed by tragic stories…..

This books is written by by Ellen Marie Wiseman and inspired by “The Lives They left behind : Suitcases from a state Hospital Asylum Attic” by Darby Penny and Pterer StWSBastny.  This is a heartbreaking story of a young charming girl, who dares to take a stand for the love of her life against her rich parents not knowing what price she will have to pay for her rebel.

When you read this book it will  take you through the shattering world of insane asylums of the past showing you its cruel side. Author has done a fabulous job of describing every emotion of its characters so beautifully that you will experience the pain, frustration and helplessness of a girl who is forced to spend her life behind the thick shady walls of a State Asylum.

Many a times while reading the book I felt tears in my eyes and throat completely chocked with emotions. Even after I finished reading, I was haunted by the book and its characters for several days, wondering how an incidence can completely offtrack one’s destiny.

I just loved what one of its characters says “The world was full of broken people, and all the hospitals, institutions and jails could never mend their fractured hearts, wounded minds and trampled spirits.” That sentence made me think!

All in all, plot is good and author is successful in stirring readers emotions to its core. So if you are not afraid of seeing the ugly face of the past reality than its a must read for you.  This book will surely make you cry. Go for it Now!!

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