An Empress Doomed To Celibacy And Her Sacrifice

The Mistress Of The Throne : By Ruchir Gupta

Tale Of An Ultimate Sacrifice Of Mughal Empress Jahanara

Empress doomed to clibacy
The Mistress Of Throne

This is a book about Mughal Empress Jahanara who sacrificed her entire life to protect the Throne of Mughal Dynasty and chose to remain in service of her Kingdom. Her life had changed when she lost her mother Mumtaz Mahal while she was just 17 years. Sworn to protect the Throne, doomed to celibacy and committed to keep her family intact, her life was full of struggles. Yet she finds solace in the making of greatest monument world would ever know The Taj Mahal.

Making Of Taj Mahal And Shahjahanbad

Ironically World would remember Taj Mahal as a symbol of love built by Mughal Empror Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. But it was Jahanara’s pure love for her father which gave this world Taj Mahal, a marvel of architecture. It was Jahanara who with her calm demeanor and sense of architecture,  chose to devote her youth and give away her love life in not just making the Taj Mahal but also building the Shahjahanabad now known to the world as Old Delhi.

Surrogate To Younger Siblings Yet Defeated

In her tireless efforts to bring back her misguided and ambitious brother prince Aurangzeb close to her father Emperor Shahjahan who always had an affinity for his elder son Prince Dara Shikoh, she is defeated by the jealous endeavor of her own sister Roshanara. Betrayed and defeated she emerges as an Empress who ultimately heals her family and Nation at large by offering her forgiveness to Aurangzeb

Story Of Mughal Dynasty incomplete without Jahanara

Mughal Empress Nur Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal are the ones who achieved far greater heights of glory and fame but it was Empress Jahanara who married the Throne and chose to remain under house arrest spending several years of her life to serve her ailing father and former Emperor of India. Story of Mughal Dynasty is incomplete without the silent tale of an ultimate sacrifice of Empress Jahanara who deserves more.

Anyone who loves to know about Indian and Mughal history, this book by Ruchir Gupta is a wonderful read.




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