Saga Of The First Female Pharaoh Of Egypt – Hatshepsut- A Forgotten Heroine

Daughter Of The Gods – By Stephanie Thornton

Daughter Of The Gods is yet another engrossing book by Stephanie Thornton. This saga is a journey of Hatshepsut, daughter of Pharaoh Tutmose-I, from being Pharaoh’s Daughter to Royal Wife and then becoming the Regent and finally the first female Pharaoh of Egypt.

First Female Pharaoh Of Ancient Egypt
First Female Pharaoh Of Ancient Egypt

Hatshepsut is the youngest and favorite daughter of Pharaoh Tuthmose I. She marries the future Pharaoh and her half brother Tutmose II upon the death of her Pharaoh father at an early age of twelve and becomes the queen of Egypt. This marriage is more of a tradition to maintain the purity of royal blood and keep the line of succession straight.

To her this marriage means fulfilling her duty to give an heir to the Pharaoh and get her brother husband out of her bed. But how would she know that her destiny is not to give an heir to Egypt but she is chosen for a unique path, one not tread by most mortals, and whose name would live forever. Gods had already written her destiny where her praises would be sung throughout the ages but she would also be the cause of downfall of all those whom she loved.

After the early death of her brother husband Pharaoh Tutmose II, she becomes the regent for her infant stepson. But later she assumes the powers of Pharaoh and becomes the co-ruler of Egypt, the first female Pharaoh of Egypt.

Hatshepsut,  a women with a fierce ka belonging to Sekhmet, the lion goddess and Egypt’s greatest hunter, who believed that most rules existed simply because that’s the way things had always been done. So she defied all the rules and became the first female Pharaoh of Egypt.

Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh of Egypt brought the golden era of glory to Egypt during her rule, but she herself always remained deprived of love throughout her life. While she lived Hatshepsut was equated to God.

I have read all books written by Thronton and she has once again like all other works, managed to make the character of Hatshepsut alive enriched with deep emotions, stubborn nature and fierce spirit of a hunter. All the characters of the book have been brilliantly portrayed and author is genuinely able to stir the emotions of readers and that is what I loved the most. We can also not undermine the fact that the story of Hatshepsut itself is really quite fascinating which remained undiscovered for many years. Thronton has done some brilliant work in terms of doing her thorough research on her subject and making it alive for its readers with equal brilliance.

Love , heartbreak, determination mixed with politics and courage, this book has it all. Honestly this is some real good work by Thronton, although nothing to beat her previous work “The Secret History” which still remains my favorite book. But in all it is a wonderful read for your next week end if you love to read about ancient Egypt and the forgotten heroines from the pages of history.

Thank you Stephanie Thronton for re discovering this yet another lost heroine from the pages of history.

Happy Reading!!

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