The Palace Of Illusions – Draupadi’s Revenge & Salvation

The Palace Of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee

Saga Of Draupadi’s Revenge and Salvation

Must Read For Every Indian
Must Read For Every Indian

This book is not about Mahabharata  but about its most mystique character Draupadi also known to the world as Panchali and her story of struggles, revenge and salvation. This is one character you can love or hate  but certainly can’t ignore. Author of the book has depicted the personality of Panchali so beautifully that while reading the book you are actually able to visualize her, right from her costume and jewellery to her internal emotional turmoil and secrets hidden deep within her heart.

Book is a perfect blend of relations, emotions and undercurrents of tension between the daughter and father, affection of a brother and sister, love and care from all five husbands yet never fulfilled dreams, marital challenges of five husbands.

Draupadi the daughter of King Drupada and wife of five greatest warriors of all time had her share of troubles right from her childhood days. It is amazing to see that how this book highlights  the different facets of Draupadi’s emotions starting from her childhood fears, to her youthful secret love for Karna, her aspirations,  her duties as wife, her agony for Arjuna, her spite for ever conspiring Duryodhana and his brothers,   her humiliation and anger, her shattered dreams, her struggles, her revenge and her salvation. But above all, her special and most envied bond shared with Krishna who has been her friend, mentor, Savior and her soul, is the highlight of the book.

This is one book which is a must read for every Indian.

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