Nefertiti – Queen Who Ruled the Egypt – A Forgotten Heroine

by Michelle Moran

Nice historical drama of ancient Egypt about the hidden atrocities behind the walls of royal palace to remain in power, royal Glamour at its peak and the making of great cities and then its downfall. It’s a story of two sisters Nefertiti and her younger sister Mutnodjmet (Mutny).

Nefertiti-Queen Who Ruled Egypt
Nefertiti-Queen Who Ruled Egypt

Of the two sisters the elder one Nefertiti known for her beauty and arranged to married to the future pharaoh Amunhotep (Pharaoh Akhenatent) to become his chief wife and guide his interests away from Aten for political reasons using her charms.

Although very little historical facts are known about Nefertiti but the author has very cleverly narrated the story through the eyes of Mutny, younger of the two sisters. She is the opposite of her ever scheming and ambitious sister Nefertiti, and is a strong willed yet a simple women who believed in leading a simple life and its small tokens of happiness.

Amunhotep is the younger brother of crowned prince Tuthmosis who died of an accident possibly planted by Amunhotep himself. Amunhotep had always despised the priests of Amun because of their wealth which was probable more than the royal treasure itself. It is his dream to build the great cities during his rule and make Egypt the symbol of architectural marvel.

Story revolves around Nefertiti the chief royal wife of Pharaoh Amunhotep, who is  a beauty but hungry for power,  ambitious to rule the Egypt,  a selfish queen who would go to any extent to remain in charge. Slowly she moves from her initial ploys to win the affection of Pharaoh swaying away from his previous wife Kiya, to ultimately ruling the Egypt alongside her husband Pharaoh and pull the strings at royal courts.

Very interesting book especially for those who are intrigued by this powerful queen of Egypt and love read about ancient Egypt. In all a fast paced good read about another forgotten heroine from the pages of history.

Happy Reading!!

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