Making Of A Mughal Empress Nur Jahan – My Favorite Pick


nurjahan Feast Of Roses by Indu Sundarsen

What an amazing book, I just love it, love it and love it. This is one of my favorite book so far other than “The Secret history” by Stephanie Thornto. This book is about the rise and fall of empress Nur Jahaan  who ruled the empire in a male dominated society, minted coins in her name when females were considered as object of beauty. This book is a sequel to “Twentieth Wife” part #1 of the Tajmahal Triology, where Mehrunissa succeeds im marrying Jahangir, and becomes his twentieth, final and most beloved wife. It’s about undying love of Jahangir for her beloved wife Nur Jahaan.feast-of-roses

This part continues from where it had left in “Twentieth Wife” and takes you through the journey of Nur Jahan to becoming one of the most powerful empress of Mughal dynasty.  That was an era, when the only role of a royal wife was to please her husband in bed, if at all she would be fortunate enough for the occasion, and produce heirs. But Mehrunissa (Nur Jahan) wasn’t ready to accept the customary role of a royal wife. She had greater aspirations, but how would she sway the emperor so that one day she would rule the nation and become the empress of an empire . She defied and broke all the norms and embossed her name in Indian Mughal history.  Author just like in her previous book “Twentieth wife” beautifully depicts the aura and glamour of Mughal courts at its best. Great cocktail of royal romance, politics not limited to royal court but rooted deep underneath the grounds of harem, games of jealousy, betrayal from the closest and above all courage & wits of a spirited royal wife, named Nur Jahan.

I am a great fan of Mughal history and have always got intrigued by its glamour and if you also belong to the category then I can bet that you will simply love this book.

If I could exclude few pages where author Indu Sundarsen has gone a little overboard in detailing even the paints and decor of the wall, I can say that it’s an amazing read and certainly one of my favorite books.

I would rate this book 4.5 stars on a scale of five.

Cheers and happy reading !!


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