Letters To The Lost – Romance of Black White Era

Letters to the lost – by Iona Grey

Travel back to the world war II and witness the blossoming of an undying romance in the midst of the war. Soak the warmth of this winter sun with a cup of hot tea and get drenched into the romance of black and white era. Letters To The Lost by Iona Grey,  is a captivating tragic romance story set against the backdrop of world war II where an American soldier Dan, falls head over heels in love with a young British beauty Stella.

Romance Of Black & White Era
Romance Of Black & White Era

Stella is a naïve young orphan with an ordinary dream to have an ordinary house and a small family of her own. She wants to be a wife of someone who would love her just like any other husband. But such a simple and seemingly ordinary dream turned out to be far from reality for her. By the time she understands what love is all about, she is already trapped and struggling with the ordeal of an apologetic marriage.

Dan is a vibrant American soldier who flies in the unknown and dangerous enemy territories not knowing when lady luck will leave his side to be hit by the enemy bullets.

Their meeting is an accident, but their love is not.  He promised to love her forever and told her never to give up hope. Separated by the war their only connect with each other are their letters, some of which find their intended recipient but some never reach the hands of the intended one.

Although the book is a  historic fiction but I find it to be more of a romantic novel. I must say that the author has successfully managed to portray many facets of human emotions.  I loved Dan who is the hero of the story, perfect just like the heroes of MB Novel. Just like The Lost Soldier by Diney Costeloe which is also a heart-wrenching wartime story, this has a tenderness which really touches your heart.

In all a nice plot glazed with beautiful writing which is capable of stirring the emotions buried deep in our hearts, and strong characters as a cherry on the top. I enjoyed reading every page of the book. For all the readers who get fascinated by the black and white era, here is a beautiful romance. My rating 3.5 stars out of five.

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