A Heart Wrenching War Chronicle – The Lost Soldier

The Lost Soldier

by Diney Costeloe

Unimaginable miseries of war front
A Heart Wrenching World War Chronicle

This book is a tragic and heart wrenching world war chronicle about the horrors of the war, war at the cost of lives and unimaginable human misery. Soldiers dying of wounds, blasted to death, or machine gunned down, with no future…..which they had already given up for the Country.

Nine Ashgroves

Controversy of cutting down the Ashgrove trees in current times, for a new housing scheme prompts a local journalist named Rachel, to dig more about these trees. Years back, eight Ashgroves were planted as living memorial for soldiers of the village who had died during the war, but the 9th Ashgrove was a mystery.


Mystery Of The Ninth Tree

Determined to solve the mystery of that ninth tree and reach its roots, Rachel goes through some old letters which were lost in time and finds a heart wrenching story. Story of two young women who, in the midst of war horrors, chose to leave the comforts of their homes, setting off bravely to nurse in France.  One of them, determined to serve the wounded and do her bit during the war. Other one a wide eyed girl who was surprised to find there were trees in London, simply decided to follow her mistress just to escape her father not knowing what future beholds.

An Unknown Soldier

Its about an unknown soldier who finds his love in the midst of a war and his sacrifice to protect her girl risking everything he had including his life.The story takes you through the miseries of soldiers rotting in damp muddy trenches wondering if the bloody war will ever end; if they ever get out of stinking muddy holes to live again like a human being and also about the ladies who are not at the front but contributing nothing less than a soldier.

Nice work by author. I would give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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