The Tiger Queens – Forgotten Heroines

 “Forgotten Heroines From The Pages of History”

Forgotten Heroines From The Pages Of History
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The Women of Genghis Khan – Tiger Queens

Don’t get disguised by its simple cover, it’s really a fantastic book. Those who say men are strong better read this book, which is about real strength behind the most fearsome Mongolian warrior, history has ever known, Genghis khan and its clan.

Genghis Khan founder of Mongol empire who united many of the Normadic tribes to build one of the most powerful empire of the history.

It’s a saga revolving around the women of the Khan’s clan, Borte Ujien, primary wife of Genghis khan, their daughter and other queens of the family and their spirited journey of life.

Four parts of the book narrated by four gritty women of Great Khan’s clan, Borte, Alaqai, Fatima and Sorkhokhtani. It’s about their love, their struggle to keep the clan united facing the brutalities of life with courage, their ultimate revenge and their triumph.

A Glimpse :

Borte Ujin :

I’d have died many deaths had it not been for mother Khogaghchin,…….. I knew now that the spirits had sent her to protect me, a precious well of strength disguised by her many yearsand fragile bones.

Temujin clenched his fist across his heart and bowed to Khogaghchin, giving her an honor I’d never seen bestowed on a childless widow. …..”

“ I couldn’t bring myself to ask the question burning in my throat, for I already knew where my husband lay right now, his flesh likely feeding the wolves and vultures. ………….

My Knees threatened to buckle, and I clasped Alaqai and Hoelun for support as a mourning cry rent the air. I would not collapse before my people. …..

…….. his eyes pools of despair It struck me then, how poorly men deal with grief, how it is women who must bravely face the sorrows than men create…..”

 I simply love the women characters of the book, simple yet the nerves of steel. Kudos to the author of the book, Stephanie Thornton, who has portrayed each character with a masterly skill of balancing the details without make it bore. I have read all the books written by Stephanine and just love her simple yet compelling style of writing. Her thorough research on her subject gets reflected in her writing.

In all a great read. My rating 5 stars!

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