The Empress Of Rome – A WOW Series

A Wow Series For All Those Who Loved HBO Series Spartacus and Rome


Empress Of Rome

I have no other word to describe this series other than “WOW”.

If you have watched and enjoyed watching HOB series ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Rome’, I can bet that you will enjoy reading this series more than watching those serials.

What a series it is!! I simply fell in love with the book, its characters, ancient Rome and everything about it including palaces, marble, statues, gardens, girls, dresses, celebration……. and the list goes on (phew). But above all I simply love the author Kate Quinn, who manages to portray everything about the character and its surrounding so beautifully as if you are travelling through the ‘Time Machine’. Yes that’s true and I am not exaggerating.

I read all the parts of the series quite some time back and the review is pending for long. But I tell you what …once you finish reading all the parts of the series; you are not going to enjoy any other book unless its written with a great perfection. You get so addicted to this series OMG.

To be honest initially it didn’t build much of interest not because of the book was boring or something like that but I kinda thought that I was reading another ‘Spartacus Read Alike’ book. But to my pleasure I was wrong! Its so much more than just a gladiator and its life, or the politics and game of power, or warriors and their tragedies.

You will find it all, ancient Rome with all its political turmoil, gladiators and their violent life, blood Shed, Love, Lust, cheap Life and priced death all greatly researched and smoothly woven together like silk .

Mistress Of Rome a WOW Series
Mistress Of Rome

Mistress Of Rome Part 1 of the Series :

The series is set during the reign of Titus Flavius Domitian, times when Slave were the private property of their masters and could be exploited  as their masters fancied. One such slave ‘Thea’, finds her love, a famous and daunting gladiator, in the midst of all her struggles and misery, only to rival the lust of her mistress Lady Lepita. Characters are so powerfully portrayed by Kate that you will instantly start hating Lepida who happens to be the daughter of a powerful patrician and a female villain of the story.

Daughters of Rome (The Empress of Rome #2)

Daughters Of Rome A WOW Series
Daughters Of Rome

Story of four ‘Cornelia Sisters’ each playing her role in the turbulent history of Rome during ‘The Year of Four Emperors’. After the death of Emperor Titus, destiny entangles each of them with the history and political events of Rome. Each of them is so different in their character, aspirations, relations and expectations from life, yet inseparable from each other. While two of them barely escape their death on the streets of Rome, one sister finally ends up becoming Domitia’s wife. This is a prequel to The Empress Of Rome # Part 1.

In this part you will  witness the Roman Political turmoil, its glamour, blood, conspiracies, struggles to keep the power,  usurper and dodging the death. Trust me its quite addictive, action packed and fast paced.

Empress of the Seven Hills (The Empress of Rome #3)

Empress Of Seven Hills A WOW Series
Empress Of Seven Hills

I found this one to be the best among all parts, not that others are less but this one a bit more ;D

Characters from Part 1 are back taking it forward from where it had left. You can’t help falling in love with Vercingetorix, called VIX, bodyguard, legionary, and former gladiator,  with  rough and volatile temper.


Lady of the Eternal City (The Empress of Rome, #4)

Empress Of Eternal CityMy love for Vix grew even more in this part. I wish if Vix could be transported to future or I could be transported back in times to just meet Vix and hug him in real. This part is a carry forward from ‘Empress Of Seven Hills’.

Smooth tapestry of so many characters of all the parts of the sequence, and each one screaming to overpower the other one, you will either hate them or love them.


In all its a WOW Series. Must Read for book lovers specially those who are a great fan of historic fiction. My Rating Five Stars !!!

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Cheers !! Happy Reading!!!


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