The Devastating Execution Of Romanovs, Russia’s Last Royal Family

The Devastating Execution Of Romanovs, Russia’s Last Royal Family

The Secret Wife by Gill Paul


The Secret WifeIf you are one of those who loves to dig into history and is curious to know more about the devastating execution of Romanovs, who were the Russia’s last royal family, then this is just the right book for you. Their horrific massacre, history’s most gruesome royal tragedy and end of Romanov dynasty.

After quite a while, I got such a wonderful read especially the category which fascinates me the most i.e History Fiction. Firstly the cover page of the novel itself hooks you big time. It has got a sense of mystery & melancholy yet it is serene. Let me tell you it couldn’t have been better.

Moving on from the Cover page of the novel to the plot of the book, the novel is set on the Russian imperial family of Romanovs and their barbaric massacre, which is till date probably the most horrific & tainted royal tragedy of the world’s history.

As is the trend, in this book also there are two parallel stories running in two different eras. One is in present times where a young girl fighting with her husband’s infidelity. And the other one runs during the times of Russian revolution, about a doomed family of Romanovs, the last Russian royal family faced with bloodiest royal execution that has ever happened.

Mostly what I have experienced is that typically one story would be the main and the other one is kind of fill in the blanks. But in this Novel, both the stories are equally captivating and will keep you hooked.

Sometimes when we watch a tragic movie or read about it, our mind starts to imagine all sorts of escape routes and other possibilities which could have led to a happy ending. In this story author of the book has done exactly that.

Young & innocent romance budding in the thick of the war & Russian (economic depression). When the Romanov King Nicholas faced the greatest danger of all time, one of the five siblings, Grand duchess Tatnia falls in love with the hero of our story Dimitri.

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Dimitri is a soldier & royal guard and he meets the royal duchess when he is admitted in a hospital after having received severe injuries at the front. Their love is instant and grows even stronger in the times to come.

A romance which is innocent yet filled with burning which could not be diminished with the decades of misery and pain. In this novel it has it all: Romance, history, Imperial family, war, captivity, escape, mystery and tragedy. A masterly depiction of final terrors of Romanovs and their final chapter in world’s history. What else we can expect from a good read.

The story is fast paced and full of ups & downs. Every time you think that this is the worst that could happen to the characters of the story, there is more, waiting for them in the following pages of the book. Trust me, it kept me hooked till I finished reading the last page of the book.

Author has kept the momentum of the story and has not tried to fill it with too many unnecessary details. On the contrary, I would have loved it even more with a bit of finer details at certain places. It gives a great experience to the reader when the finer details of the surroundings make the reader travel in time and actually visualize the story. But somehow in the story, those finer details were missing. I was dying to know how the royal family looked like, what kind of food they used to eat, how they used to dress and the grandness of their lifestyle when they were still ruling the nation. Also how they coped up with the circumstances when they were imprisoned and forced to live the lifestyle of a slightly more than an ordinary peasant. Those finer details would have probably made the novel bulkier but I guess that would have been worth because that makes the novel complete.

Having said this, there is absolutely no doubt about that ‘The Secret wife “ is a wonderful read which I genuinely got hooked on to. The other few reads which have a similar mix of royal history, romance and thrill are “The secret history – Empress Theodora” by – Stephanie Thornton, and “The Mistress Of Throne by Ruchir Gupta”

All in all a wonderful read and definitely needs to be there in your bookshelf.

My rating 3.5 stars on a scale of 5 .

Happy Reading!!

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