Between Shades of Gray – Book That Will Make You Cry

between-shades-of-gray2If you think you know what war means and what it can do to our lives, you are wrong !! Read this book, and think again. This book written by by Ruta Sepetys, is not just another war story, but it is a sea of human emotions that will touch your heart from deep within.

The book is about the lives of those living in Baltic states caught between Nazi and Soviet. At some point of time these states simply disappeared from the map, ravaged, burned and completely forgotten by the world.  This story of Baltic states of Lithunia, Latvia and Estonia perished by war, will take you through the ghastly horrors and miseries endured by those who were captured, deported and imprisoned.

Author of the book very carefully manoeuvre its readers through the pain of separated families, when those who matter most are ripped apart by armies, hurt of mothers helplessly watching their babies dying of hunger.

When physical pain overshadows emotional pain and the burden of feeding a mouth is more than the value of human being, only one thing gets you going and that is your belief.

Do read this book and share your comments.

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