The Conqueror’s Wife – Forgotten Heroines

The Conqueror’s Wife: A Novel of Alexander the Great

by Stephanie Thornton

The Conqueror's Wife - Forgotten Heroines From The Pages Of History
The Conqueror’s Wife – Forgotten Heroines From The Pages Of History

Yet another marvelous work by Stephanie Thronton, portraying Alexander the great from the eyes of his sister, his soldier friend, his wife and his lover.  Each one them with different aspirations and motives, diverse background and distinct characters.

Just like her previous works (The Tiger Queens, The Secret History and Daughter Of The Gods) she use her magic to bring life to each and every character of the book. Thronton has mastered the art of giving just the right amount of detailing without letting go the pace of the story.

Although in comparison to the other works of Thronton I found initial part of the book little slow but as expected the later part is quite interesting.

My favourite character of the book is Princess Drypetis & Hephaestion.

Drypetis, the daughter of Pursian Emperor  Darius III, not a beauty but with a spirit of a soldier and a razor sharp tongue. The one who hated Greeks.

Hephaestion, a General in the army of Alexander and his close ally. The one who loathed Persian army. They both ended up marrying each other.

A Glimpse :

Drypetis :

“ Perhaps Ahura Mazda will send a plague that will turn Alexander’s bowels to brown water and make his pretty face erupt with oozing boils……..”

“ My grandmother was a dowager with iron for bones, my mother a pampered queen who preferred that her feet never touch the ground, and I might have passed for a blacksmith with my scarred hands, permanently filthy from my fiddling with winches and jibs. …… days passed into weeks and weeks into months, and no ransom came as we travelled south. We had only silence from my father, and from Alexander.”

Hephaestion :

“……..Alexander didn’t hesitate; he slashed with his sword as if cutting away vines in a forest instead of mere men, even as I fought off a snarling Immortal with a beard tangled with dust and spittle, his teeth bared like a rabid wolf’s….

Battle, Blood, Death, Love, Lust, Treachery, Grit, Greed, Determination…. you will find it all in the book an ideal recipe a good read with different perspectives about Alexander the Great & Forgotten Heroines From The pages Of History.

My Rating 4 Stars out 5.

Happy Reading!

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